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    Building a Brand

    Adam Street Club

    Susie Willis - Founder of Plum Baby

    Monique Drummond - Founder of Relish Research, which provides brands such as The Body Shop with top class advice.

    George Olver - Founder of Pendragon Productions


    Community Matter

    The Doodle Bar

    Will Alsop, Architect 

    Emma Bridgewater, Tea Pot Queen

    Naomi Colvin, Journalist and supporter of Occupy LSX


    Inspiring Young Minds 


    Adam Street Club

     Joe Craig, author of the award-winning Jimmy Coates spy books.

    Charlie Astor and George Whitefield, founders of Sharky and George, which organises extraordinary children's parties.

    Emily Kerr, Founder of Unlocked Guide Books for Kids.

    Blog here.


    The Future of the Book”


    The Doodle Bar

    Michael Sissons, past chairman of PFD literary agency

    Lisa Gee, author & journalist, Associate at The Institute for the Future of the Book

    John Mitchinson, co-founder of the pioneering publisher Unbound; In the ast MD of Waterstone's and Deputy Publisher of the Orion Group

    Blog of the evening



    'Meaning of Making'

    Brunswick House Cafe

    Stephen Bayley, Design Guru

    'In my fantasy, I say “Prime Minister, do you actually know what a rivet is?” […]and he hasn't a clue! He's completely out of touch with the culture of making' 

    Sam Bompass, (Of Bompass & Parr) Jelly Artist

    'We invited every architect to design whatever they wanted in jelly. We'd make them their heart's desire. Then we were asked to make a bridge'

    Asad Raza, Producer for Tino Sehgal (Turbine Hall)

    'The meaning of making a thing is no longer: how difficult is it to make that thing? But: how interesting is that thing to us, how unusual is that thing?' 

    Full review, Tom's Blog.