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    'Inspiring Futures'

    The Outhouse, Edinburgh

    Our first Edinburgh talks were curated beautifully by Blaise and Sophie; there was a real buzz and curiosity. The speakers were exceptional and, from the starting point of prospects for young people, they entered into a debate about the very back-bone of British society.

    Karyn McCluskey...what a woman!

    Lucy Moorehead said 'Gangs aren't bad per se...';

    Aamer Anwar criticised the police of institutional racism.

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    The Polish Club

    Tom Coghlan, Defence Correspondent for The Times.

    General Dannatt, Former Head of the Armed Forces

    Ghazi Gheblawi, Libyan Activist

    The valiant president of the Polish Club rose from the crowd and spat out his challenge to the moral authority of invaders. In reply, General Dannatt was masterful: 'We must not tread too heavily in Islamic space. Instead, we must 'identify failing state characteristics […] and intervene upstream'. It was hard to argue with Tom Coghlan's experience on the ground in Afghanistan: 'Let me be clear about where I stand.' he said 'Afghanistan has been a total disaster' (and invading Iran would be the end).

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    'Life at the helm'

    Raffles Club, Kings Road

    Margaret Mountford, of The Apprentice fame: 'Don't be afraid to admit when you're wrong, both at the bottom and at the top. Generally, it gains you respect.'

    Matthew Evans, past Chairman of Fabers: 'Hire people brighter than you are...because you get the credit when things go well.'

    Timothy Melgund, CEO of Paperchase: 'Paperchase is a fashion retailer which doesn't sell clothes...You have to get everything right all of the time, and that's it's intellectual challenge.'

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    'Recipes for success'

    St Giles in the Fields Church, Tottenham Court Rd

    Marco Pierre White,  Godfather of Modern Cooking told one hell of a tale...

    Niamh Shields is completely wonderful. Buy her book for Christmas. Sadly it's not an audio book. 

    Simon Prockter, the founder of Housebites had an amazing idea. 'We could be an institute for Cheffing'.

    Daren Spence, founder of WeAreTea has got the X-factor. 'I absolutely love tea' (and doesn't like coffee shops much)

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    'What I know about design'

    Brunswick House Cafe, Vauxhall

    Nina Campbell, Interior Designer of international fame.

    Sue Crewe, House and Garden editor: 'So, when it comes down to it, I know that I know...that I know – but I can't tell you why.' 

    William Yeoward, Creative Director and Shop-Keeper

    A Mime Artist from Covent Garden...

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