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    Bringing it here, taking it there

    The Adam Street Club - Wednesday 20th June

    Tyrrell's Crisps CEO David Milner visited Russia as part of the Prime Minister's trade delegation and clinched the deal. He has taken the British pub favourite far and wide.

    Bull Dog Natural Grooming co-founder Simon Duffy has many reasons to be pleased. Sales of his product are rocketing as the category suffers. One reason for this is the Scandinavians. 

    Dishoom is reviving English Indian food. Founder Kavi Thakrar trawls the Persian cafes of Bombay and, among the slow-turning fans and Bentwood chairs, finds the latest Bombay specials to delight the English.



    Adam Street Club

    Luke Johnson, Britain's most successful entrepreneur? Johnson grew Pizza Express from 12 to 250 branches, and is involved in more businesses than you can imagine.

    Shaa Wasmund, Founder of Smarta, a platform for SMEs. Author of 'Stop Talking, Start Doing' currently topping the Business Book Charts! (Pipping Richard Branson)


    Fashion and Fantasy: What's in Vogue and why does it matter?

    TESTBED1, Battersea

    Alexandra Shulman, Editor of British Vogue

    Tessa Edwards, Up-and-Coming, fantastical British designer

    Jas MB, Bag designer, inventor of the original DJ record bag

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    Blog and video

    Photos by Lea Minshull



    Observing War: 2 Views

    Conway Hall, Holborn

    Dr. Mark de Rond, a social anthropologist and expert in how people organise themselves in difficult situations. He studies this by living among them under the same conditions. At ToMax he showed footage of his astounding work with the teams of surgeons in Camp Bastion, Afghanistan.

    Aernout Van Lynden, a veteran war reporter. At ToMax, he told his incredible stories from following the Mujahideen in their counter-soviet insurgencies during 1980s. He spent the most dreadful eleven hours of his life trapped in a well with the warriors. Perhaps his most powerful moral: never assume anything in journalism.


    Bread and Butter - From Bathtub 2 Boardroom

    The Adam Street Club

    Nick Jenkins - Founder of

    Tim Roupell - Founder of Daily Bread

    The duo discussed the different routes they took building their fabulously successful companies.

    Podcast and blog.